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Skin Care Science

About Our Philosophy

The ingredients and methods to improve the skin and promote increased health and hydration can be had through the use of specific ingredients. Using the proper ingredient percentages which are clinically tested and approved by actual doctors in the medical field for over the past 20 plus years is in our opinion the only ingredients you should be using. With that being said, Serene ‘Professional Skin Care’ has key features which we believe separate it from other skin care lines and listed here are the most important.

Serene ‘Professional Skin Care’ is dedicated to skin care professionals and their clients. We are committed to excellence from the products we create and sell, to the support you demand.

About Our Products

Medical results…without a prescription
Many of Serene's products contain ingredients at the exact percentages and pH values that are claimed in products used by medical doctors.

Product Facts and Standards

At Serene Professional Skin Care, we are aware that the success of skin care products is strongly based on the most efficient ingredients for increased skin hydration and lending health to the skin. Our professionally developed skin care products are clinically tested and approved by doctors, to create the outstanding line of Serene Professional Skin Care products featuring the best ingredients that you deserve for resplendent skin condition.

Medical results without a prescription

Serene Professional Skin Care is your best choice to achieve medical results without needing prescriptions. A number of Serene products comprise ingredients that are equal in percentage and pH values to medically prescribed products. By trying our glycolic acid and ceramide products, two of our range of such efficient care products, you will be rewarded with outstanding results for your skin.

Cosmeceutical engineered formulations designed to bring medical strength products to the skin care professional

The cosmeceutical formulations developed by Serene Professional Skin Care lend strong power to Serene products for outstanding medical efficiency – we harness medical power with the dedication of true skin care professionals.

Formulas and active ingredients born from over 20 years of medical research

The products featured in the Serene Professional Skin Care line are not jus fancy ingredients. Behind our products are two decades of careful medical research to ensure that they deliver the best results you can achieve. We are committed to employing formulas and ingredients tested in long periods of use and proved their effectiveness. We rely on medical research which shows the best formulas and ingredients – they are in the basis of our Serene Professional Skin Care products.

Highest percentage of active ingredients compared to 90% of competing products

Serene Professional Skin Care products win with each comparison to peers in each skin care category. Comparing Serene products with other similar skin care lines shows that in 90 percent of comparisons, our skin care products feature higher percentages and superior quality ingredients. This is strong proof of why you should choose Serene products developed on the basis of medical research and recommendations by medical doctors. We strive for quality and client satisfaction, not for maximum business profits with cheaper products. Serene skin care products are sometimes more expensive, but we do not economize on the percentage of ingredients needed.

Effectively treats the majority of all skin types and skin conditions

At Serene Professional Skin Care we are aware that skin types and skin needs is a comprehensive field. We do not claim to achieve the best results for absolutely all skin needs; we are aware that such universal products do not exist. At Serene Professional Skin Care, we offer skin care products that treat the majority of skin conditions.

Flexible product combinations for all skin types

Yet another strong benefit in favor of why you should choose Serene Professional Skin Care products is that our range of products are very flexible, suited for all typical skin types and conditions; you can easily find the appropriate Serene product to use in AM or PM regimens.

Formulated with less base ingredients but higher concentrations of active ingredients for deeper skin care results

There is yet another strong benefit of Serene Professional Skin Care. You are spared unpleasant effects such as itching or red skin owing to excessive amounts of ingredients. Serene Professional Skin Care products are specially developed using the smallest amount of ingredients that would cause discomfort.  We are aware that with smaller amounts your skin will be able to breathe well and you will enjoy glowing skin results.

Ingredients conform to FDA, European Union (EU) and Health Canada “Hot List” standards of cosmetic formulations

Our commitment to quality in Serene Professional Skin Care products led us to compare the ingredients we use to the lists of banned ingredients developed by the FDA, the European Union, and Health Canada. Following the lists is a time consuming task as they are constantly updated, and also a number of ingredients listed have different names according to manufacturer brands. We have employed the expertise of skin care professionals who are also users of Serene Professional Skin Care products. They follow banned ingredients lists to inform us of relevant information, and at any moment we make changes to provide the best skin care products, without ingredients found on these lists.

Extensive product line that includes 35 products intended for specific skin care issues

We are aware that the ranges of products offered by other lines can amount to 75 to 100 products, which can confuse users. The range of Serene Professional Skin Care products is smaller, each product has its specific purpose. When some Serene products overlap, the reason is that we strive to meet your needs for different sensitive skin types in conformity with the Fitzpatrick scale.

Combine with any non-resurfacing skin care line

Serene Professional Skin Care products are designed to be applied individually or together with most non-resurfacing professional skin care lines. Whether you look for fluffier skin care products or for a gentler skin care approach, the Serene skin care line can meet your needs with excellence. It is not necessary to introduce new skin lines for each specific need, combining Serene products with non-resurfacing professional skin care lines achieves the desired care.

Scientifically formulated for proper skin cell resurfacing

One secret of Serene Professional Skin Care product is that we formulate our ingredients with the correct pH for the best results. We are aware that active ingredients should be formulated at the appropriate pH to perform with the intended efficiency. One example is glycolic acid. To ensure that products containing glycolic acid achieve the maximum results, the pH of the acid should not be over pH 3.8; otherwise glycolic acid will function as a mere moisturizing agent.

Customization of product regimens
The strength of Serene Professional Skin Care products is that we offer you a simple approach. Our strength lies in the fact that our products are very flexible, so you start with the basics, and the simple approach yields high success with all skin types.

Beginner glycolic acid programs from 10% - 70%

Serene Professional Skin Care products are unsurpassed in one more respect – the wide range of professional glycolic acid peels. With most product lines of other companies, they do not offer the very low or the very high. At Serene we are dedicated to achieving our clients satisfaction, and we sometimes need to adopt the approach of less is more. We start by offering low level peels for either new skin care professionals or for clients new to chemical peels. This unique approach enables both skin care professionals and clients to test the effects achieved with each level of strength.

Beginner TCA peel programs from 5% - 30%

Serene also prides itself on TCA chemical peels – the next fascinating level of peel strength to deal with an array of skin care issues. Serene’s approach of the early point is carried through in our range of professional TCA peels as well. By starting from 5% TCA strength levels and offering next levels advancing by 5%, Serene products offer both skin care professionals and clients the unique opportunity to progress at their own pace. With Serene Professional Skin Care, you have an innovative skin care line featuring unprecedented flexibility. It is produced with dedication, using the highest quality ingredients, and our unique approach of starting from low levels and progressing smoothly makes Serene products the best choice you can make, for radiant skin results.

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